MonsterSak MONSTER - Size 8

$875.00 $1,200.00

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The Monster 8 is probably the best deal available in the world of furniture. It's about the length of a full-size couch and 1.5 to 2 times as wide. Considering the fact that you're getting way more comfort and way more space than your typical sofa offers...and you're paying about HALF of what a cheap, new couch would cost, you'd have to be crazy not to want one! Did we mention that our prices are 1/3 the cost of a Lovesac and much, much softer??? The new microvelvet covers are simply amazing (images coming soon). They are thicker, softer, and look our retail stores where customers see the microvelvet in person, it outsells the microsuede by about five to one. Make sure you use the dimensions we've posted to determine that you do have enough room for the Monster.

This price includes the outer cover, the inner liner, and the filler.

(approximately 90 x 72 x 38 inches oval; 90 x 90 x 46 inches round. Measured at widest points. Variations occur based on how the sak is fluffed and sat on.)

You have two comfortable choices for fills: standard or premium. With the premium fill, imagine about 20 bed pillows mixed in with around 100 pounds of super soft therapeutic mattress foam, the Monster 8 premium is coveted by all. The heavenly 8 premium fill is hands down THE most comfortable piece of furniture on the planet. There are few things in this world that can take the stress off like relaxing in our Monster 8.

Standard Fill: $875

Premium Fill: $1000


Monster Saks’ price, quality, comfort, and durability surpass every other foam bag on the market. While our prices are two-thirds less than the other brands, this doesn’t mean that we cut corners in terms of quality.

The filling of a bag is the most important feature of foam furniture, and our bags are filled with a high-grade foam that is far more comfortable than the scrap carpet foam used by competitors. Our premium fill bags are even more plush because we mix our foam with pillow-soft cotton. We use a synthetic, non allergenic cotton called polyester fiber (almost all pillows are made of the exact same material).  Monster Saks maintain their luxurious softness and shape longer because they are easier to fluff than any other brand.

While comfort is crucial, foam bags also need to last. Monster Saks are designed to do just that with their double stitched seams, industrial zippers, and microsuede/microplush fabrics. Our covers are easy to clean and are even machine washable.

We are so confident that you will love your Monster Sak that we offer a 12-month warranty against defects.

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