We have several options for financing your furniture purchase. We have both credit check and “no credit check” programs to help get the furniture you want at low monthly payments. Each option has different terms & conditions, and we strongly advise that you carefully read the fine print before committing to any kind of loan. Financing is not available for any purchase under $500. The following is a brief explanation of the different possibilities:

Progressive 90 DAYS NO INTEREST

1) Progressive 90 DAYS NO INTEREST – This bank specializes in working with shoppers who have no credit history or might have a few bruises on their current credit report. Their basic requirements are that you have been employed for the last six months; you have deposited at least $1,000 a month into your account; and that over the last 30 days, you haven’t had any overdrafts or bounced checks from your account. The approval rate is very high for individuals who meet these requirements, and they will finance up to $2500. If they approve you, and if you decide to use this program to finance your purchase, they have a $49 (plus tax) processing fee for the paperwork. FFIN 12 MONTH TO 60 MONTH NO INTEREST


2) FFIN 12 MONTH TO 60 MONTH NO INTEREST – This bank does check your credit history and offers the friendliest terms as far as financing is concerned. Most “no interest” loans are made by banks who hope that you miss a payment or don’t pay it off in time, which can result in significant retroactive interest and late fees. While there are minor late fees, FFIN does not hit you with retroactive interest or exorbitant fees. They are a little more strict about who they approve, so it is an option we recommend for those who are reasonably confident that they have healthy credit and good income. At the end of the day, no bank tells us their exact criteria for how they approve loans, so there’s no predicting beforehand whether they will say yes or no. FFIN can do loans upwards of $15,000 if necessary. The length of time to pay off the loan (12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 months) is determined by Furnish It and is based on the total purchase price of your furniture and other specific details. To apply for this kind of loan, click here:


3) SYNCHRONY 12 MONTHS NO INTEREST – Synchrony is the nation’s leader in furniture lending. This bank also verifies your credit history and income, but we’ve noticed that they tend to approve more people than other lenders. They do not offer online application processing, so customers need to apply in our store for this program. It takes about 5 minutes total to fill out an application and get an answer.


4) FREE LAYAWAY – We offer 120 day layaway on anything except for clearance products. Layaway is a great option to help purchase your furniture as it can lock in a price and make sure that you get your furniture before it’s too late. See store for more details.

e532f6e1-d7c3-49c8-9c00-e826495af1e4As stated above, each loan program is different and should be carefully looked at before using. The above information is very general and serves as a brief introduction to the different options. We’ve had nothing but great experiences with the lenders we use, and they’ve helped a lot of customers get the furniture they need now at low monthly payments. Please see an associate for further information or if you have any questions. We want our customers to be happy with their furniture, and we also want to make sure they have full disclosures on the agreements they enter into with different banks when financing. A “no interest” loan can result in significant fees and/or interest if not paid off as agreed to, and we don’t want anybody to discover any surprises down the road if things don’t go as planned. Since lenders’ programs change from time to time, it is best to ask Furnish It or read the contracts well before signing to verify fees, interest, or penalties involved if not paid off in time.

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